Lesley Byers & the Jazz Cats Lesley Byers & the Jazz Cats Lesley Byers & the Jazz Cats Lesley Byers & the Jazz Cats
Lesley Byers & the Jazz Cats Lesley Byers & the Jazz Cats Lesley Byers & the Jazz Cats

Lesley Picchietti Byers
International Jazz Vocalist, Chicago Jazz Vocalist

Lesley Byers

"Lesley Byers has a timeless vocal sound, alternately seductive and innocent. She could easily be slotted next to Chris Connor, June Christy or Rosemary Clooney. Her energy and coolness are impeccable. Class and hipness work in equal measure here with marvelous results."

— Jerome Wilson, Cadence Jazz Magazine

" A musician cannot move others unless he, too, is moved. He must feel all the emotions that he hopes to arouse in his audience, for the revealing of his own humor will stimulate a like mood in the listener."

— Carl Phillip Emmanuel Bach

It is America's music—born out of a million American negotiations; between having and not having; between happy and sad, country and city; between black and white and men and women; between the Old Africa and the Old Europe—which could only have happened in an entirely New World.

It has enjoyed huge popularity and survived hard times, but it has always reflected Americans—all Americans—at their best.

"Jazz," the drummer Art Blakey liked to say, "washed away the dust of everyday life." Above all, it swings!

—Ken Burns,
Jazz, A History of America's Music



Hey all, I've been performing full-time for 12 years now, YIKES!
It's time to give back, so I have accepted a position with the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic.
I'm psyched to bring my passion of music and jazz together with my new love of student education
and my non-profit background. I'll still be performing, just not as much. Keep checking my calendar
to see where you can hear us!
To learn more about the CJP, click on

Lesley plays with Corinne Windler, saxophonist, composer and band leader from Switzerland on Tuesday, July 28, 2009 is Daley Plaza at noon. The set is short, but worth it 'cause her music if fun, funky and fabulous!! http://www.x-elle.ch/

Last fall, Lesley joined the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic team teaching their Music and Jazz Alive Programs. It's amazing!! Can't wait for the next school year to begin! Check out the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic website to learn more! http://www.chicagojazzphilharmonic.org
or http://www.DiscoverMusicDiscoverLife.com

Lesley toured Japan in January 2007! A bootleg copy (If it's our own, is it bootleg?) of 'Live from Jazz On Top, Osaka, Japan' is available!! Click here for details in Japanese. Domo Arigato! I hope to return soon. Japan was amazing!http://shalestonemusic.jp/jazz/lbyers.htm
or www.geocities.jp/shalestoneent/jazzcatsjapan.htm

"...the result is a sweet, yet fiery, hot sauce - a kind of juicy, pleasant sound, which is what most listeners want to hear. A real tightness of the band is coupled with Byers own excellent sense of phrasing."- Tim Gault, Chicago Jazz Magazine

Check out our article in ChicagoJazz.Com - Jazz People You Should Know Click here http://www.chicagojazz.com/jazzpeople/

UndecidedUNDECIDEDis now available!Featuring a smaller combo, Lesley Byers & the Jazz Cats trio delight in this recording! Click on the CD to take a listen!

"...As for Byers and her vocalise, she exudes a delicate tone with an interesting yet floating feeling particularly on ballads and I feel that she will emerge as one of our most promising young jazz singers of our era."- George W. Carroll, EJazzNews 1/06

"...This Windy City singer is loaded with charisma!"- The Capitol Times, Madison WI 8/05

On TV? Thinking you've seen Lesley & The Boys on TV lately? Well, you're not smoking something funny!! Lesley Byers & The Jazz Cats were featured on a new commercial for Charter One Bank!! Thanks Charter One!

TwistedOur 2003 release 'TWISTED' is getting radio air play around the world! Click here for details!

"Lesley Byers' 'Twisted' CD is just plain fun. It's exuberant, swinging and will bring a smile to your face as you listen." Marty Scarbrough, KASU-FM Program Director

"Lesley is one of the bright new stars on the horizon getting ready to let the world know about her music. She sounds like a seasoned professional with her phrasing on evergreens like "How High the Moon", "Just Squeeze Me" and "Over the Rainbow". Her interpretation of every song in the CD "Twisted" is classic swing so it's no wonder her star is shining already....Lesley Byers has ARRIVED!" Jim Stone, Big Band Swing, WLNZ

"Those Cats keep you on the edge of your seat while Lesley's voice takes you away. What a nice variety of tunes on this (Twisted) CD! "Joost Van Steen - Jazz & Blues Tour Radio - The Netherlands 4/04

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